The kennel Prana des Loups

maison coise

maison coise neige coise maison coise

As a young breeder, I do not have yet my final installations : it's never over as we always have ideas to improve.

I have bought in 2013 an appropriate site with 5 acres on which I have built large parks for my dogs.
Because I do not want kennels, I took my time looking for a house with lots of land.
Even now, they are still living with me at home, but in smaller groups.

The dogs are part of my family and live with me in the house, and my cats without problem.

patte patteI patte
nurserie chiens
élevage chien

After using the guest room transformed into a maternity for births and the first weeks of life of the puppies during the works,
We have completed the complete layout of the maternity unit: underfloor heating, air conditioning, tiling everywhere for impeccable hygiene:
kimo babies released it in 2014. We are now working on the nursery (for babies between 1 month and their departure).

Around the age of 5 weeks, if the weather permits it, puppies begin to explore the outside world and meet the other dogs.
  They can discover social codes with adult dogs, cats, other livestock and humans on a daily basis.  They become very familiar with the different noises in the house: TV, radio, conversations, visits, various noises.

jeux exterieurs baignade meute

  They learn to interact with dogs other than mom and brothers and sisters.
They thus discover the social codes between dogs, they set off to explore the garden
Lots of new noises and smells to discover!

As well as the various games that we have built for them.
Since the day of their birth, the puppies are handled several times a day, petted, kissed etc.
Everything is done so that they adapt from a very young age to their future living conditions
so that their arrival in their new family goes as smoothly as possible.

patte patteI patte
salon chien

When leaving, they are used to be dewormed, brushed, carried, etc ... cuddled
They begin to understand the meaning of "no", are already very attached to humans and used to meet other animals.

patte patteI patte

poules et malamutes elevage elevage chiots

The other animals in the house/kennel

My dogs and puppies are accustomed to live with other animals and, more importantly they live daily with chickens, 5 cats, a duck, a goose
and even my horse Oscar.

cheval et chien cheval et chien

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