The Eurasier: the character, needs.

eurasiers prana des loups

As a success from aesthetics that character.
The Eurasier is a quiet dog,
friendly and with always equable temperament.


He is very affectionate towards his family
but fairly reserved towards strangers without ever making aggressive evidence.
The Eurasier is energetic and calm when needed.
He is sociable, alert, no barking and very clean.
It is an intelligent dog that learns quickly but sometimes remains stopped on his ideas.
You will need a lot of patience and understanding,
Read remain firm and consistent and express your affection.
Very intelligent and quick to learn, he gets tired fast enough repetitive exercises.
Eurasier require early education as well as socialization with other dogs and people.

chiot eurasier

Like many Nordic dogs, the Eurasier is not a very good watchdog,
however it will make a good dog for monitoring,
alerting you barking if he notices something unusual.

chiot eurasier

He was noted for his loyalty to his master and all his family.
He adapts itself well to all living conditions through his calm and open character.
he is vigorous, alert and attentive, without being noisy.
You can bring your Eurasier in an education center,
 Eurasier loves working for his master.
Once completed his growth, you can even practice Agility with him,
 this will allow him to spend his energy and strengthen ties between the dog and his master.