Available litters

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patte MALAMUTES : IKEA de Laouen ki's and Heart okkomut des rives du haut verdon HARLEY's puppies were born on april 18th.

ikea de laouen ki harley
4 males et 4 females, the puppies will be available on june 13th.
Inbreeding : 0 %
2 males and 2 females are still available.

patte MALAMUTES : HINOOK de la baie de l'archange et LITUYA de Prana des Loups' puppies were born on April 30th.

ikea de laouen ki harley
1 male et 1 female, they will be available on June 25th.
Inbreeding: 0 %
Both are already booked

patte MALAMUTES : QUEBEC Je me souviens de Prana des Loups and LITUYA de Prana des Loups's puppies were born on May 6th.

ikea de laouen ki harley
2 males et 4 females, They will be available on July 1st.
Inbreeding : 0 %
2 males et 2 females are still available.

patte EURASIERS : JEDAÏ Prana des Loups and Albionspitz Mercury KHAN's puppies were born on May 13th.

ikea de laouen ki harley
5 males et 3 females, They will be available on july 8th.
Inbreeding : 0 %
Only 1 male is still available

Expected litters (weddings realized):

patte EURASIERS : JUMBA de Prana des Loups et NASHOBA des délices de Beltaine
were maried at the end of March.
JEDAI de Prana des Loups nashoba des délices de beltaine
The birth is expected (gestation confimed)
Inbreeding : 1.32 %
2 females et 3 males are already booked.

patte MALAMUTES : HIKU howling dog de Prana des Loups et HARLEY Heart okkomut des rives du haut verdon ware maried in april.

je me souviens de Prana des Loups lituya
Birth expected around June 6th - puppies will be available around august 1st
Inbreeding : 0 %
Reservations are opened

Next litters (wedding planed):

patte EURASIERS : HIZZIE des crinières de feu et JANGHO de Prana des Loups will be maried very soon.

je me souviens de Prana des Loups lituya
The buirth is expected around the end of july, the puppies will be available mi-september-.
Inbreeding : 0 %
Reservations are opened, 1 female is still booked.

patte LASKA will be the next mom (1 female et 2 males booked. The birth is expected at the end of july.

laska de Prana des Loups

For next litters, do not hesitate to ask me, we have litters spread over all the year, malamutes and eurasiers..

patte patte patte

The conditions of sale :

iwok de prana des loups

The puppies are sold vaccinated, microchipped and registered in the LOF.

They are placed with a certificate of good health from the veterinarian
a royal canin puppy food kit, a personalized CD of pictures and a breeding instruction guide.
They are available after the age of 8 weeks.
On departure day the puppy, it takes at least two hours of advices (health, education, etc ...). You leave with all the basics right; and a lifetime follow-up! The puppies grow up in the house with me and all adult dogs, with 3 cats, with chickens, gooses and Oscar my horse. They are accustomed to the sounds of tiny home (vacuum cleaner, TV, visits, etc.) and are much handled every day (weighing bottle, wormer, hugs, games, etc. ..).

The puppies are insured by your breeder from the mutual ANIMA SOLUTIONS for 2 months after their departure in case of accident,
but above all you will benefit from a preferential rate to subscribe to the mutual for the whole life of your dog.
(according to ANIMA SOLUTIONS conditions, only for customers residing in France), anima solutions

The eurasiers puppies are sold € 1,400, and malamutes 1,400 €.
As a passport is necessary for all puppies leaving the french territory, my vet will sold it 25 €. A deposit of one third of the price is required upon booking.

No reservation will be accepted before your visit of the kennel or preliminary meeting.
It is possible to spread the payment if necessary.

The choice of puppies is made after 5 weeks old, in order bookings.
When you buy a puppy from me,
you can at any time of the dog's life contact me for advices on education or health.

I also wait for news and photos from my old babies,
and in case of problems, I undertake to re-place the dogs from my home, without any judgement whatsoever.

We have a facebook group reserved for baby Prana des Loups owners , which serves as a support to give news, ask questions, ask for advices !
We organize walks of the farm 4 times a year, osteo days, and you are welcome to come and say hello to us once the baby has grown!
When you take a puppy Prana des Loups, you enter our family!