Breeding "Prana des Loups"

The selection

I got my BPREA (Patent Professional Agricultural Operations Manager) dog breeding option, which is one of the best, in particular with regard to the selection, and I continue to attend training or seminars in this regard.
I also regularly share ideas and information with other breeders on this subject.

My breeding meets all guidelines of the Malamute breed club (MCAF)
Eurasier Club has not yet published.


exposition canine

All my dogs are LOF. That is to say, they are recorded in the Book of Origins French: this is to certify that they are purebred dogs.
My puppies are all born from parents LOF and they are pre-registered in the LOF.
They must be "confirmed" after 12 months old : that means they have to be examined by a canine judge who verifies that the dog matches the breed standard.
All my dogs are obviously confirmed LOF before breeding.
I also participate in many dog shows, in order to get the opinion of several judges on my dogs, and to have my dogs rated.
You can find the dogshows results for each of my dogs on their respective pages.

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La santé

Dysplasia :
All my breeding dogs are x-rayed to detect any hip dysplasia.
Dysplasia is a disease that can be present in all dogs, but especially in large size dogs. Hip Dysplasia is a known hereditary disease in the Alaskan Malamute. The disease can also be affected by environmental factors,
so it is important to have all breeding stock tested and ensure that all puppies are purchased from tested dogs.
Hip Dysplasia is shown as an abnormal development around the structure of the hip joint.
The changes in the joint that lead to dysplasia are made during growth with a critical period being from 3 to 6 months of age. During this time, environmental factors can be found to have an effect.

Hip scoring radio may be realised after the age of 12 months for the eurasiers and after 18 months for the Malamutes
I use to breed only dogs that are A or B ( C is possible only with a dog A): that is what is recommended by the breed clubs.

Eye defects :
AMCF (Alaskan Malamute Club de France) recommends testing the dogs, so I do it systematically.
I'm lucky that my regular vet is among one of the few in France to be approved by the club and by the SCC to conduct this test.
The purpose of this review is to eliminate breeding dogs with Hereditary Cataracts and/or Cone Degeneration (CD) or Day Blindness.
Dogs declared doubtful or suspicious can reproduce only with a partner unscathed.

For now, there is no other health test done in my breeds.
but I keep abreast of developments, and if there are any changes, I will do the tests recommended by the breed clubs.

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One of the first criterias Iwhen I plan a wedding is the character of the parents.
I'm looking primarily for well balanced, friendly and sociable dogs
Although the character of puppies is not solely of heredity, I think this is very important.

TAN (Natural Ability Test)

My dogs must be sociable and well-balanced for having puppies with good character.
My dogs pass their TAN (Natural Ability Test) before to reproduce as far as possible (sometimes, it's just after, but I know that the test will be positive).
The TAN is a behavioral test: the judge verifies that the dog is sociable, neither aggressive nor timid.

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My Malamutes are still quite young, so they are just beginning to learn the sled and I learn along with them.
During summer, I also do mountain biking with them, and I do train them to tow my horse, which allows me to walk everyone together and train dogs to understand directions.
Malamutes should not start to pull the sled before finishing their growth, that means not before the age of 18 months

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royal canin


All my dogs are raised with kibbles Royal Canin.
It is important for me to give my dogs quality and most balanced food so that the growth prospective parents goes as smoothly as possible, and for pregnancy and lactation giving puppies everything they need.
That's why I chose "upscale" food, because food is the first essential element for healthy dogs.
All my puppies leave home with a puppy kit donated by Royal Canin.

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